The Inconvinient Truth


Written on 3:44 PM by Hemanth Kumar

An Oscar award winning documentary on Global Warming featuring Al Gore, the former Vice-President of US during Bill Clinton's time is what this is about. Undoubtedly one of the best documentaries I have seen in the recent times. What makes this so interesting and compelling piece of work to watch is that it shatters so many myths and notions that you would have had about Global Warming and its long term affects.

Coming to the story of this documentary, it travels along the political and sociological conquest by Al Gore to address the problem of Global Warming and also explaining the major concepts and affects to a studio audience in front of a huge screen. As a student when his professor presented the first ever measurements of CO2 levels in the atmosphere and based on his predictions, Al Gore, states is what really compelled him to take upon this mission and this remained as one of his major issue during his entire political career spanning 3 decades. First as a senator and then as a member of the Clinton administration, Al Gore explains his battles fought in the court over the first ever case on Global Warming, then allegations on one of the chief member in Sr.Bush's regime and then also some on the Kyoto Protocol which he himself suggests is controversial in US....

What is equally interesting is the comparison he draws between the mother nature and his own son who was fatally injured in an accident while he was a senator. He terms it as a reaction when you see your beloved is fighting for their lives!....Also, he goes back and forth in his own life and talks about how his life in his childhood was...emphasizing that it is the responsibility of the current generation to make the future safe for our future generations.

Stressing on different issues like changes in the storm strengths, dislocation of precipitation and rainfall, disastrous effects on migratory birds, and emergence of once eliminated diseases; this story is one whole gamut of the clear and the present danger which will shatter our lives in the near future

I guess, there are enough reasons for everyone to watch this flick....even though it's a documentary, the style of narration is engrossing enough to keep you interested. It's a brilliant film from a scientific point of view, which I think should be shown in every school and college so that the students are aware of the danger of the present age because they as the future generation of the world would have to come terms with it....something which is even more threatening than Terrorism! the end of the documentary, there are several suggestions as to how you can make a difference....For More information click here

"Two Thumbs Up"....."Must watch Flick" it/buy it/ copy it....ain't matter...if you miss this, you really are missing a masterpiece....[:)] here to watch the trailer

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Cheeni Kum...


Written on 11:56 PM by Hemanth Kumar

To be frank, I have sort of lost interest for watching Hindi films. Most of the movies made today are either direct rip offs of some foreign movies or some remix version of dozens of other Indian movies. Having said that, there are whole lot of movies that come every now and then with a good blend of refreshing storyline, acting and direction along with all other elements of film making. And this movie, Cheeni Kum falls in the latter category....

Cheeni Kum..directed by Balakrishnan, a.ka. Balki, an ad-filmmaker, stars Amitabh Bhachan and Tabu in lead roles. The title of the story has a small tagline to it which says "Sugar Free Romance". This is exactly what you get to see in the movie. There's no dancing around and senseless love between the two protagonists as we see in this era of bollywood movies. This is the story of Buddha, a head Chef in one of the best Indian restaurants in London who meets Neena under unusual circumstances. A 64 year old man and a 34 year old lady start a journey which creates ripples in their normal lives and in a series of encounters they both realise that they are in love with each other. The rest of the story is about how the 64 year old man tries to convince his lover's 58 year old father back in India!

What sets the movie apart is its simplicity in unfolding different possibilities in life. And the best thing is it's so completely natural that you are dumbstruck with the style of narration and the storyline especially in the first half of the movie. If ever you believe in the phrase that "Music and love is in the air", the background music and title track along with the romance of the two characters is a proof of that. Composed by music maestro Illayaraaja, his music truly haunts you till the end of the movie and it's a beautiful hummable soundtrack too...although the tracks are a remix version of his earlier movies. Paresh Rawal is good in his role and so is the little girl, Swini Khara who plays the role of Bhachan's neighbour. Zohra Sehgal, who plays Bhachan's mother is brilliant in the role of a irritating mother who always coaxes her son to go to the gym. Another important part of this movie is the dialouges. Especially the scenes between Tabu and Bhachan when they try to ask each other "what a man and woman ask other normally?" or even that scene where Tabu asks him to run to a distant tree and come back, they just make you wonder about the intelligence of the writer.

Altogether, with a good balance of romance and comedy it has all the ingredients of a nice flick. Watch it, this coffee is tasty even without sugar!



Written on 11:16 PM by Hemanth Kumar

Ah, finally I am going to write something exclusively on movies on this blog! This thought had been in my mind for quite sometime, but it took maybe just too long to motivate myself to start one. You can read my movie reviews and other opinions on movies and maybe I will post some interesting trivia/quizzes on movies, news on the movies to be released and so on.

Why I have named this blog as Anthology of Dreams is that I believe whatever you do starts with a dream...when you sleep you dream and otherwise you daydream...that's what we call as thinking! And you do what you think...i.e, you see, you work, you write. Even when it comes to movies, it has its roots from a good script which is an anthology of good, I would say, in a way, your dreams and movies are related to each other. Celluloid is just a visual representation of your dreams...sometimes you have a good dream and sometimes bad! Whatever maybe the case, you can read my version of the dreams and movies here.

I hope that you will like what I write and do drop in your comments and suggestions; they mean a lot to me....