Written on 4:48 PM by Hemanth Kumar

This post is to formally announce that, I have migrated to Wordpress platform. I shall not continue to write on this blog anymore. Thank you all for your wonderful support and encouragement all these days. And I hope you will continue to read/appreciate/criticize my work in future too....here's the link to my blog on wordpress....see you all there.



Bringing the Blog Alive..


Written on 1:56 AM by Hemanth Kumar

Thank you all, for your continuous support and love for this blog. I presume with the steady number of hits this blog has been getting over the past few months during the conspicuous absence of new posts, it has compelled me to think that, I should continue to post more stuff here. 

Over the past couple of months or so, I have been blogging at Movies.Newscrux.com as well...you can read some of my recent reviews there. I will continue to post links as well as write reviews on this blog from now...thank you all once again.

Do read my posts on my new blog as well...http://hemanthology.wordpress.com