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Written on 12:34 PM by Hemanth Kumar

It so happens in my opinion that, there are 3 kinds of films around...

1. Films that you watch when you go to a multiplex without a fixed plan
2. Films that you watch when others recommend you to watch
3. Films that you are desperately waiting to watch (either the ones that are yet to be released.....or something that you have missed in the past)....

and then there are others too...somethings you just bump into...something like you are flipping through channels and watch a flick, or download from the net....

anyway here's my list of movies that I am waiting to see...

1. Gandhi, My Father (based on the struggle between Gandhi and his eldest son, Hiralal)
2. Ratatouille (Pixar's latest movie from the director of "The Incredibles")
3. Dharm(directed by Bhavna Talwar starring Pankaj Kapur, about a Brahmin Priest who goes
against his tradition when he comes to know that the child he had adopted after a riot is a Muslim)
4. Grahanam (an award winning Telugu Art movie by Mohan Indraganti)
5. Sicko (by Micheal Moore, about the health system in US...incidentally i haven't seen his earlier flicks too...[:(]...)
6. Confessions of a Film Maker(by Anish Kuruvilla, it's been branded as the boldest movie ever in Telugu....and the film hasn't had a theatrical release owing to content, it has only an online viewing for $2.50!)

and many more which I am sure I would come across in the near future!

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  1. Hema Hariharan |

    I am dying to watch ratatouille too! Watched the trailer on campus and just fell in love with that rat! :D


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