Two For The Road


Written on 11:38 PM by Hemanth Kumar

Title: Two For the Road
Director: Stanely Donen
Actors: Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney
Year of Release: 1967

I have always wondered if Hollywood or the English films in general are capable of coming up with a story depicting a married couple whose relationship is on rocks without bringing in that stereotyped "adultery" factor! Well, have to say, after seeing this movie, "Two for the Road" earlier this year, I am a relieved man...and I actually do believe that there is no such thing as impossibility.

The story is about an architect Mark Wallace(Albert Finney) and Joanna Wallace(Audrey Hepburn) who are almost on the verge of ending a twelve year old relationship. The story begins with the couple along with their child is travelling to a place where Mark has to meet his business client. Without beating around the bush, the narration clearly emphasizes upon the fact that the marriage isn't going well which is evident from the bitter conversations which the couple has while travelling. They begin to explore where did things exactly go wrong and start debating was it when they first met or whether it was when they were driving in their car across Europe! Then the story goes back 12 years showing how they first met and the incidents which ultimately resulted in them falling in love with each other. Almost immediately the story is transformed into the present with the couple showing a cold shoulder to each other. Later they remember the summer at a beach in the countryside where they promise each other that they would never get separated. Finally the couple reaches the villa of their business client and Mark carefully tries to avoid his wife. This is when Joanna is wooed by another business associate who's at the same place . Right at this time, Mark gets himself involved in building a hotel right on the same beach where he promised Joanna about not getting separated. After some days of leading separate lives under one roof, Mark is told by his Joanna's new boyfriend that they were about to get married. This breaks Mark's heart and he tries to get along with his life along with the child. But right on the day of marriage, Joanna realizes that she's deeply in love with Mark and they can never be separated and they continue their journey.

The best part about the movie is the sensitive portrayal of the relationship of the couple which has a strong essence of love. Irrespective of the long silence that fills the room in which both of them stay every time, there's also a hope that it is going to end at any moment...perhaps a big plus about the story that love can burst out at any moment. Following a non-linear type of narrative with scenes juxtaposed with one another, it perhaps is the best way to portray how things have changed in the 12 years of their relationship! It sometimes maybe confusing to see the couple standing on the road, right after a scene where they are showed driving a car...nevertheless the scenes that follow should make all things clear. Although one can classify this in the genre of a romantic comedy, the comedy isn't something where you can burst into's sweet even when Mark is angry with almost everything. It definitely accentuates the romance between the couple. The dialouges are of my favourite scenes is where Mark and Joanna are hiking in a place , the day after they meet...they both want to take a lift...after Mark's attempts becomes futile, Joanna tries and she goes away in a vehicle leaving Mark behind. Almost instantly she comes back and...

Mark: What happened? Why did you come back?
Joanna: I just told that guy how deeply I am in love with you...and I came back.

The countryside of Europe coupled with the music composed by Henry Mancini haunts you for a long time! Easily one of the sweetest piece of music I have heard for a romantic movie... Hepburn is beautiful as ever and the acting is amazing. But the star is definitely Albert Finney, his comic timing is impeccable and he beautifully complements Hepburn throughout.

Though it's a 1960's flick, it's a beautiful romantic comedy which has a feel good impact even now. Watch the's funny, romantic, wonderfully narrated movie from the yester era. It's easily one of my favourite movies of all time about relationships

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